An itinerary between shops and bars on foot from your Hotel!


Do you want to discover some small shop, bar off the beaten track that surprises you with something new? The Corso Buenos Aires area offers shops of big brands, but also small handicraft realities to be discovered.

With this itinerary, entirely on foot, we go to the discovery of some vintage-chic corners of the Porta Venezia district.

We leave the Best Western Hotel City on foot and immediately begin our walk on Corso Buenos Aires. Let us allow ourselves to be carried away by the joy of the shop windows and the pleasant city confusion and we almost reach Porta Venezia. We now turn left making a U-turn into Via Spallanzani, a pedestrian street with delightful restaurants and small leather and jewelry shops.

We stop in front of number 11, at the showcase of Petra, Gold and Gems, where you can find unique, entirely handcrafted jewels. Simplicity, movement, refinement are the qualities that animate the creations of the two goldsmiths who make a refined use of stones, in cut and color, creating a special harmony between gold and gems. If you are looking for a particular jewel, this is the place for you. To see, if only to savor an ancient beauty that is transformed into precious jewels.

We continue our itinerary and take a small detour into Via Malpighi 3, where Casa Galimberti stands, a wonderful example of Milanese liberty, with a facade rich in decorations that delight our gaze (read more).

Let's now turn to Via Melzo, where among gourmet pizzerias and organic restaurants, we meet at number 12, Tità bijoux lab, a bijoux shop, which offers original creations, born from the skilled female hands of two sisters. Here you will find joys with a modern cut and others with a vintage air, such as those inspired by the atmosphere of America in the 1920s; Gatsby is the name of this collection, but there are many more to discover.

Taking Via Lambro we now come out in Piazza 8 Novembre and turn right into Via Pisacane. In these 500 meters you will find some of the best antique shops in Milan. More than ten galleries, one after the other, host rare pieces, including sculptures, paintings, furniture, vases, chandeliers, exotic objects and much more. To visit if you are looking for some gems for your collection or even if you are passionate about antiques and want to admire rare and precious objects.

The time has come for a well-deserved break. We can take Via Stoppani and sip a craft beer with a platter of cold cuts, immersed in books and modern antiques at Long Song Books & café at number 11. Here you can browse one of the books on display and post the photos of the day thanks to the wi- fi, while you refresh yourself.

Right in front of the restaurant, in Via Stoppani 12, Michele Chiocciolini's workshop is also worth a brief stop with high quality bags in very special shapes - one, the Duomo Bag, even depicts the Duomo of Milan; and Due di Due, a clothing store with classic and alternative items by emerging designers.

A little further on in Via Broggi 17, you will find Potafiori, a corner of flowering greenery even in winter where very special and well-finished floral compositions are made. Continuing on the same street, let's pause for a few moments in front of number 22, a building with a large terrace on the first floor and a romantic pergola; while on the opposite side of the street, in a contrast between ancient and modern that characterizes the area, stands the office building of Dolce and Gabbana, with numerous windows segmented by vertical white lines from which you can also glimpse some of the eclectic furnishings of the interior .

If you feel like sweets, you can continue to the Belgian Chocolate Shop Charlotte Dusart, in Via Eustachi 47. Here each chocolate is a work of art of refinement and taste. From the most classic ingredients: hazelnuts, almonds, hot peppers to the most particular ones, matcha tea, amaretto, passion fruit, all combined with a well-made chocolate.

To return to the hotel, go through Via Jan 15 where the Boschi Di Stefano House Museum is located, a historic residence and museum that houses many 20th century works of art, including Boccioni, Sironi, De Chirico, Morandi, Fontana and many others, a fascinating place with a unique atmosphere. If you haven't already seen it, book your tickets and don't miss it!

In a 5-minute walk we are back at the Best Western Hotel City for a well-deserved relaxation!

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Best Western Hotel City is located in a strategic position, 10 minutes from the Central Station, in the heart of the Corso Buenos Aires shopping district and the lively Porta Venezia district. With the red metro stop just a few steps from the hotel, you can easily reach the Duomo, the Castle, the Fair, and the Last Supper. On foot you can easily reach the Indro Montanelli gardens, Corso Venezia and Porta Venezia, San Babila, the Porta Nuova district with the new skyscrapers, Casa Galimberti, Casa Boschi di Stefano, Villa Necchi Campiglio and much more!


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* The duration of the itinerary varies depending on the stops. The length of the route is approximately 3 kilometers.
** For the days and opening hours of the shops it is advisable to always consult their website.


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