Via Mozart 14, Milano


Immersed in a lush garden, in the heart of Milan, just 15-minute walking from the Best Western Hotel City Milan, Villa Necchi Campiglio is a splendid historic residence built by the architect Piero Portaluppi in the 1930s.

The story tells that Gigina Necchi and Angelo Campiglio, exponents of the cultured Lombard industrial bourgeoisie, a foggy evening, returning from the Scala Theatre, got lost and found themselves in Via Mozart, then full of fileds and gardens and fell in love with it. A few days later they bought a plot of land and built their home there.

The villa designed by Piero Portaluppi, one of the greatest Italian architects of that period, is perfectly integrated with the surrounding garden, full of various specimens of plants, from camellias to hellebores, from ferns to hydrangeas, creating a special relationship between inside and outside. Each window is a picture of the greenery and nature almost seems to enter the house thanks to the large and airy rooms and bright windows, such as the veranda on the mezzanine floor, a real winter garden with a travertine and marble floor green.

The interior furnishings mix the art deco and avant-garde style of the 1930s with the reinterpretation of the salons by Tomaso Buzzi who added elements of eighteenth-century inspiration, creating a balanced and original amalgam.

When the house was ready, the couple went to live there with Gigina’s sister, Nedda Necchi, who remained emotionally attached to the couple for life, and in a short time the villa became the setting for dinners, breakfasts in the garden, hosting friends and personalities of various ranks, including Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy, a friend of the Necchi sisters, who even had a reserved room on the first floor.

With the swimming pool, tennis court and lush garden, the villa was an oasis of peace and delight in the center of a booming Milan.

Today, almost a century after its construction, the Villa, donated by Gigina to the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), retains a unique charm and atmosphere.

Visiting the rooms of the house, from the representative rooms, to the family rooms, up to the service areas, you can savor, also supported by the always accurate explanations of the FAI volunteers, the history of a family and the liveliness of Milanese life in those years.

Less known than the classic tourist itineraries, but an absolutely unmissable stop to enter the heart of a timeless Milan.

In spring, the garden is dressed up with gems and, with the bistro and events, it becomes a place to visit and experience!


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